Founded at the end of 2014, we began to provide innovative legal services in Ecuador. IUS from Latin: "Law" and NOVA from Latin "Renovation" are the words that make up the name of our law firm.

We chose them because they represent our goal: Renew the Law and the way in which Legal Services are provided.

We focus on providing quality corporate legal services, therefore in our name, with the words IUS NOVA, initially the words "Corporate Lawyers" always appeared together.

In this entrepreneurial process that involves the creation of a law firm from scratch, we realized that this process is very difficult to achieve and that we were lucky to have the legal knowledge to do it alone as Lawyers. With this we realized that many entrepreneurs in Ecuador need quality legal services at fair prices.

So it was that we transformed our Slogan in 2015 and added the legend "Business Accelerator" since we decided to focus on advising technological ventures and businesses, helping them in their creation process and in their first steps, to make them simpler and easier to fulfill.

Finally in 2019 the pandemic arrived and with mobility limitations we decided to become a 100% Digital Lawyers.

To do this, we created an innovative portfolio of a 100% digital legal services for businesses of all kind that we provide using the tools and technology that we develop indoors.

Nuestro equipo